Marketing Solutions

Companies deliver their products or render their services in exchange for monetary payments from their customers. Marketing, in our vision, is creating as many opportunities as possible for these profitable exchanges to happen, and to be repeated again and again.

Marketing requires research to understand the market and its needs, priorities, and behaviors. It requires a strategic approach and proper planning for market entry and penetration. It requires the best marketing and sales calibers the company can afford, organized in a structure that supports the strategy. And it also requires precision in the execution of the planned communication strategies and demand stimulation through partners in the value chain.

It is our purpose to help companies realize the full profit potential of their offerings (products and services) through efficient and effective marketing. We have accumulated experience and knowledge in the Egyptian market to provide our clients with the optimum strategies and tactics they need to achieve their growth objectives. Our consulting expertise covers the whole spectrum of marketing and sales. Our scope of services covers Marketing Strategy and Planning, Ongoing Marketing Support, Marketing Research and Market Studies, and Strategic Brand Management. In each area, we have contributed to the effectiveness of our clients in a different way, but ultimately our purpose is very simple: to impress and delight each and every client.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

All great business success stories begin with a vision. Then comes the pursuit of that vision, with extreme determination, perseverance, and learning. With a clear strategy, this pursuit becomes less risky, more predictable, more feasible, and with a far better chance of success in a much shorter time-frame.

We have worked with many companies to help them formulate their visions, and develop powerful strategies to attain them. We have also worked with them to develop their annual marketing plans and implement them. We have supported them for the first few years and have seen them take off on their own. Watching them soar above their competitors brings us pride, and motivates us for the next strategy formulation and implementation endeavor.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Sometimes the client is undergoing a critical period in the lifecycle of the organization or the development of the market when no mistake can be afforded. The client then feels that support is needed in implementing the marketing plan from an experienced consultant. We begin by co-developing the plan with the client’s marketing staff, thus transferring to them the know-how of preparing a sound marketing plan. We also break the plan down to weekly activities with budget implications, and we supervise the implementation on a daily basis.

In certain cases, the client may not have a marketing department to attend to the marketing prerequisites of business success. We have functioned as the external marketing department for these clients. We provided them with the marketing support expected from the most effective marketing departments they could imagine. At a fraction of the cost of setting up and maintaining the talents of their own department, our clients have obtained the experience and insights so difficult and expensive to attain, manage, and otherwise retain.

Strategic Brand Management

A brand is a promise, consistently delivered, to the point where customers come to expect it, believe in it, and tell others about it. To most businesses, the brand is the most valuable single asset it has. Investing in building brand equity probably has the best return on investment in the short and long terms. This is particularly true when the brand is new and/or the company is new. It is equally delicate when it is the case of a brand extension/leverage, within or beyond the domain of the original brand.

Branding decisions involve very high stakes, and mistakes are expensive and fatal to the product. Sound branding decisions could put the company ahead, and leverage all the competitive advantages it may possess. We have our own Brand Development Model which consists of three modules that can also be applied separately.

The first module is the Brand Foundation which is the review of the corporate strategy and an internal and external brand analysis. Based on that, we develop the brand strategy, followed by the brand promise. The second module is the Brand Implementation, which includes the development of the brand’s visual identity, the corporate identity manual (CIM), and the brand persona and tone of voice. The final module is the Brand Actualization, which focuses on delivering the brand experience, achieving brand advocacy, and tracking the brand health.

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